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Happy New Year everyone! New online label Astral Phonographic has gone live over on Bandcamp. Field recordings from the astral, acid house for plant medicine punks, float tank melodies and tantric mystery soundtracks. First 2 releases are up, ANCoA (A New Church of Acid) EP.1, 6 tracks of psychoactive acid ambience, and Loss Files by Broken Open, an album of lost and found ambient pieces from the archives 2012-2017.

2 New Mixes posted. 

I've decided to experiment with the idea of posting a mix-blog on here. I was thinking I have all this music but no way to share it since I'm not DJing so much anymore, due to happily spending more time home with the family. So I thought I'd try posting some mixes here, free to stream and also download if you want.

So, the first 2 mixes were uploaded today on the Mixes page. Peace on Earth I did as a Christmas mix for friends back in 2014, and Breath of Light is from earlier this year (2017). Deep listening mixes for inward journeys. Enjoy.


New Releases 

2 New Releases this month on my Bandcamp page: Holding Space Vol 1 & 2.

Music designed to create and hold a space for you. Comes in both 1 hour and 10 minute versions, so you can use it on its own or as part of a longer playlist.

"This music does not create a song for our ears. It is a 'state', such as moonlight poured over the fields."

Leonard Huinzinga, 1937.