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Update Dec 2022

Just added newly remastered versions of two of my ambient albums (Holding Space & Sunyataji: Beyond Form) to Spotify and all other digital streaming & download platforms. Up to now they were only available on Bandcamp.

The four Holding Space tracks are collected together in a new album-friendly format of 15 min mixes, previously they were only available as separate tracks in either 10 min or 1 hr long versions.

I really love these long-form tracks and it was a pleasure to return to them for remastering. They are perfect to put on in the background for work, study, meditation, massage or just to create a warm relaxing atmosphere in your living space. There's something about the fact that they don't change in mood or musical character that allows one to really relax and let go into the music. Hence the name, because they will reliably hold a space for you.

The Sunyataji album is a little more experimental and a bit more edgy in character, mainly utilising electric guitar sounds and the Culture Vulture valve saturation unit to create textured explorations of musical formlessness.


Update, Nov 2022

Yup, I've been quiet for a while... but plenty of new music coming soon. Starting off this month with the digital release of ANCoA Vol.1, six tracks of head-nodding, sofa-surfing downtempo acid tunes for post-party chillers and psychedelic seekers... A New Church of Acid, perhaps...?

Latest Update, Sept 2019

Been recording here in the UK with dear friend and music sister Bettina Maureen Ji, who is visiting from Hawaii. Will spend the next couple of months in production and mixing, and should have our new collaboration ready by the start of next year. Already sounding beautiful.