...you lovely wild-eyed people, you.

My name is Nick and I'm a musician, producer and composer from the UK, also sometimes used to be known as Nick Doof.

Back in the 1990's  I was producing electronic music under the name Doof.  I was lucky enough to put out the first Doof EP on Daniel Miller's Mute sub-label Novamute, and over the next few years had a bunch of  releases, and a bunch of fun, working with  UK trance labels like TIP Records, Dragonfly and Twisted.

The first Doof album, Let's Turn On, went out on TIP Records in 1996 and is regarded as an early Goa Trance classic, so they tell me.

In the 2000's, inspired by my experiences in medicine ceremonies around the world, I released two acoustic albums, Clear Blue Sky and Seeds. My medicine songs have been covered and re-recorded by many different artists and I'm happy to say are still sung in healing ceremonies all over the planet.

I recently completed work on my first feature film soundtrack, for the Bruce Parry documentary "Tawai, A Voice from the Forest", which was released in UK cinemas in Sept 2017.

I've lately been inspired to return to making electronic music, and I think at this point in the evolution of analog/digital technology it's really a new golden age for electronic artists.

I currently live between East Sussex and Ibiza with my family, my vinyl record collection and some analog synths.